• Oct012020
    Topitots director Andrew with Pikler Climbing Triangle and Balance Boards

    Outset Cornwall

    It was so great to be invited to feature as part of a case study for Outset Cornwall who have…

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  • Apr052020

    Covid-19 Update – Stay safe everyone, thank you NHS

    Due to the ongoing global lockdown and supply chain issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken the decision…

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  • Mar202020
    Little house in bubble wrap isolation

    Keeping kids active during lockdown

    Keeping kids active, staying safe, sane and healthy during the current health crisis brought on by the arrival of Corona…

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  • Mar052020
    Child riding imaginary rocket

    Imaginative play toys for toddlers are essential in play

    Imaginative play toys for toddlers encourage children to create visual images within the mind and begin problem-solving without the constraints…

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  • Mar052020

    Developing balance skills with proprioceptive play

    Developing balance skills with the introduction of items into the play environment that encourage Vestibular development (physical coordination and balance)…

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  • Feb282020
    Eco friendly packaging

    Planet friendly packaging

    Packaging plays a major role in the amount of pollution we see in our environment and oceans. The uncontrolled overuse…

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  • Feb282020
    Cardboard computer

    Eco friendly web hosting

    Even our website is good for the environment! Hosted on servers at Site Ground which reduce the hosting company’s energy…

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  • Feb072020
    Round Balance Board UK made Topitots

    Eco-friendly educational toys made of natural materials

    Eco-friendly educational toys from Topitots are made using materials selected for both quality and environmental impacts. The coloured timber panels…

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