Eco-friendly educational toys made of natural materials

Eco-friendly educational toys made of natural materials
February 7, 2020 Topitots
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Eco-friendly educational toys from Topitots are made using materials selected for both quality and environmental impacts.

The coloured timber panels we use in our products are uniquely manufactured to minimise their environmental impact.
They are constructed with a full chain of custody FSC certification to ensure that only timber from sustainable forests is used.
Only organic, natural dyes are used to colour the panels and the production of the panels is aimed at reducing or where possible eliminating the environmental impact.

All waste materials such as bark are re-used to fuel the boilers used for production and the panels are manufactured in a plant that generates enough biomass energy to sustain itself without burning any fossil fuels.

We use the finest quality birch plywood, selected for its safety, strength, durability, appearance and also the fact that it is a fast-growing, sustainable European species leading to minimised environmental impacts.

More often, parents and carers are taking into account the importance of purchasing eco-friendly educational toys for their children.  With the volume of waste reaching landfill still increasing, we should do everything we can to help reduce this while still ensuring we provide a rich and valuable learning experience.

Combined, these materials cfreate a striking, modern look to compliment your nursery.