Imaginative play toys for toddlers are essential in play

Imaginative play toys for toddlers are essential in play
March 5, 2020 Topitots
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Child riding imaginary rocket

Imaginative play toys for toddlers encourage children to create visual images within the mind and begin problem-solving without the constraints of the physical world.  A vital skill to help throughout life with critical thinking and problem-solving in the wider world.

Childhood is a magical time, where sofas become dens, a blanket turns into an invisibility cloak or a towel turns into a cape, enabling the wearer to soar into the sky.
What might seem just like simple fun is actually vital development and important work.  By using the imagination within play, children are developing crucial psychological and emotional skills to enable them to both understand and shape the world around them.
They learn to solve problems, create new possibilities and change their world.

Our modular House is a great example of imaginative play toys for toddlers to help them to explore both the physical and minds-eye simultaneously.  Providing inspiring shapes and symmetry alongside the free-play variety necessary for exploring new ideas.

Studies have shown that imaginative play can foster important social qualities such as cooperation, empathy and appreciation for others feelings and fuelling our children imaginations is essential.

The more imaginative a child’s play is, the more flexible their curiosity is to develop it further.  The introduction of imaginative play toys into the learning environment helps to expand this further.