Keeping kids active during lockdown

Keeping kids active during lockdown
March 20, 2020 Topitots
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Little house in bubble wrap isolation

Keeping kids active, staying safe, sane and healthy during the current health crisis brought on by the arrival of Corona virus and being mindful of our children’s mental and physical health is imperative.  Here is some guidance from Public Health England to help key stage 1 children understand germs and the importance of cleanliness.

It is a worrying situation for adults to comprehend and to young children, it must be a strange experience, all of a sudden not seeing friends or going to nursery etc.  With the added stress, parents and carers will no doubt be finding it very difficult to make sure their children don’t pick up on their emotions and absorb their anxiety.

That is why at this difficult time, let’s all make sure we don’t go stir crazy.
Toddlers love jobs and feeling useful.  Keeping kids active, ask them to tidy a cupboard or do some sweeping.  How about sorting things?  Laundry, books, toys, cutlery.  The more useful it is for both adult and child the better.

There are also some great resources being made available online to help with entertaining young kids.  Early Education and Little Owl Resources have a good selection of free resources.

Whatever you do, stay positive, look out for signs of anxiety, listen to any concerns and make sure your child doesn’t feel like the world is falling in.  It isn’t, and things will get better.

Stay safe.