Mini Toy House

Mini Toy House

Mini Toy House


The Mini Toy House is just perfect for developing concentration and fine motor skills.  The Mini Toy House provides great imaginative and creative play value with simple assembly.
Use the house as a play area for small world play or take the house apart to use the shapes for tracing or shadow play within a creative setting.

Simply slot the pieces together.
For a more advanced imaginative play experience, find our Modular Toy House here.

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Mini Toy House for Toddlers


Fine Motor Skills
Imaginative Play
Small World Play
Art & Expressive Design
Understanding the World
Social Development

UK designed and made toy house using FSC and PEFC certified timber, all materials are responsibly sourced.  Our coloured panels are made using material that would otherwise go to landfill and manufactured in a plant using energy generated from self-generated waste biofuel.

Mini Toy House and the benefits of Small World Play

Allowing children to explore their imagination by acting out smaller versions of realistic (or totally imaginary) scenarios is such an important part of their development.
Often based around a fixed or varied theme or storyline, imaginative scenes are played out with the aid of scenery such as out Mini Toy House and small figures or objects.

Often revolving around recent experiences or subjects that a child is still processing, Small World Play is vitally important in helping a child to understand the wider world around them.

Seemingly ordinary household objects are transformed into the most fascinating of creations.  Loo rolls become space rockets, boxes turn into caves and finger puppets become giant creatures.

By adding some inspiration into the mix, such as our Mini Toy House or our larger Modular Toy House, we add additional sensory layers to the stories and help develop and focus the storytelling experience.

Small World Play for developing Personal, Social and Emotional Skills

While immersed in small world play, children can explore a whole galaxy of emotions (and their responses to them) and also process some themes that may be challenging them in the real world.  It also gives parents valuable insight into the current emotional and social state.

Small world play also gives your child ownership over their own realm where they can develop and live within their own set of rules.  It also gives a valuable opportunity to explore how rules change when playing with friends or siblings and also the tools required for conflict resolution.

Numeracy and Literacy

Developing the skills required to structure a story and also the ability to relay the story is valuable in developing literacy skills.
Alongside this, numeracy can be integrated into the environment.  How many animals fit in the house, how many sides does this shape have etc.

Additional information

Dimensions35 × 25 × 15 cm

Coloured Timber Panel




Each piece approx 25cm