Wooden Baby Climbing Frame

Wooden Baby Climbing Frame

Wooden Baby Climbing Frame


The Baby Climbing Frame is great fun for adventurous little climbers, allowing younger children to learn and navigate at their own pace.   A smaller companion to our Pikler Climbing Triangle, the Baby Climbing Frame helps children to explore their bodies as well as learn boundaries and provides a channel to express their climbing needs.  It also plays a vital role in developing gross motor skills, agility and physical strength as well as encouraging free movement and free play.

Built to last, UK designed and made products to last a generation.
Made using our beautiful, natural, organic dyed panel and sustainable Beechwood wooden rungs.
Easy to clean and with Beechwood known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, you can be assured your Baby Climbing Frame will maintain it’s quality for many years.

Simple to assemble and folds for easy storage when not in use, the Climbing Triangle is a great addition to any play area.

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Wooden Baby Climbing Frame UK made using FSC and PEFC certified timber, all materials are responsibly sourced and assembled by hand.  Our coloured panels are made using material that would otherwise go to landfill and manufactured in a plant using energy generated from self-generated waste biofuel.


Physical Development
Imaginative Play
Social Development
Proprioceptive Development
Confidence Development
Gross Motor Development

Simple to assemble and folds easily for storage when not in use.

Why Baby climbing frames are beneficial for so many aspects of early years development

Our Wooden Baby Climbing Frame, based on a concept originally developed by Dr. Emmi Pikler to help children to discover their own physical boundaries and develop their confidence, offers a contemporary take on a tried and tested classic.
Enabling younger children to climb and balance in a safe, supervised, indoors setting gives them the opportunity to truly test and develop their agility and develop their gross motor skills safely.
Ideal for when outdoor play is not possible, our Climbing Frame offers similar experiences to those offered by larger outdoor play equipment.

Gross motor and physical development

Pikler Climbing Triangle UK made Topitots product

More suited to younger children who are just beginning to explore the world around them, our smaller climbing frame is an ideal introduction to developing an infant’s gross motor skills and proprioception abilities.  As they develop, our larger Pikler Climbing Triangle makes an ideal companion on their developmental journey.

From birth, babies grip reflex echoes back to prehistoric times and the desire to hold on and climb objects is instinctive.  Having access to developmental aids such as the Baby Climbing Frame helps to strengthen the gross motor skills and hard wire the neural pathways necessary for maintaining and further building on these skills.

Balance and Coordination

As confidence grows, and through continued exploration, a babies coordination gets more developed.
From the first days using a Baby Gym top the next steps when an infant becomes mobile, your child is always achieving new milestones.  By providing these new challenges, you maximise the opportunity to expand and develop skills as their coordination and balance improves.

Additional information

Dimensions57 × 54 × 46 cm

Beech, Birch Ply, Coloured Timber Panel, Stainless Steel


Blue, Natural wood







Closed Dimensions

80cm x 15cm x 54cm