Wooden Baby Play Gym

Wooden Baby Play Gym

Wooden Baby Play Gym


Our Wooden Baby Play Gym, made from beautiful birch plywood and our naturally dyed wood panel is the perfect addition for any nursery.
From the first days that your baby can see the world, you can use this Baby Gym to suspend your little one’s favourite toys.

Baby Gym use from the first days of infancy help improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills and encourage your baby to reach out and grab, taking the first steps to interact with the world around them.  An exciting and fun activity that allows your baby to improve areas of development during playtime.

In addition to developing a baby’s senses and motor skills, baby play gyms help intellectual development as well by helping them understand the basics of cause and effect, knowledge of shapes, colours, textures and sound.

Our Wooden Baby Play Gym comes with three shapes to start to suspend from the frame (supplied unattached without cord).
With our innovative sleek hinge mechanism, the Baby Play Gym is simple to assemble in three pieces but safe and secure and disassembles and folds up easily when not in use.

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Wooden Baby Play Gym, UK designed and made wooden baby gym using FSC and PEFC certified timber, all materials are responsibly sourced.  Our coloured panels are made using material that would otherwise go to landfill and manufactured in a plant using energy generated from self-generated waste biofuel.


Understanding the World
Baby Sensory
Proprioceptive Play
Gross Motor Development
Concentration and Focus
Hand-Eye Coordination

Why a Wooden Baby Play Gym is beneficial for so many aspects of early years development

The idea of providing your baby with a Baby Play Gym to explore the world is a tried and tested method of enabling them to develop a number of core skills.

Perfect from around 6 to 8 weeks (or whenever your child is ready to be somewhere other than swaddled or held) to help babies explore their abilities and discover their limitations in an indoor safe environment, the benefits of our Wooden Baby Play Gym span across several areas.

Ideal as a complement to tummy time and all manner of other sensory and physical development activities.

Gross motor, hand-eye coordination and physical development

The most obvious is the physical aspect of play possible using a baby play gym.

By laying back and looking at and reaching for the objects above them you help activate the visual and gross motor skills.
This encouragement to grip, grasp, roll over and look in different directions is essential to developing the first neural networks required for building on later in early development stages.

Stimulates Senses

In addition to simple gripping and clambering, another opportunity is playing with sensory objects.

Dangling coloured scarves, fairy lights or interesting shapes and patterns helps to stimulate visual and touch reflexes and helps you as a parent bond with your child and explore their instinctive likes and dislikes.

Boost cognitive development

Vital to early development, you can use our Wooden Baby Play Gym to feed your babies inbuilt curiosity to explore primitive cause and effect and also develop their understanding of different colours, shapes and patterns.
They also provide a focal space to build on early vocal development and sounds.

Encourages Freedom of Movement

Not just great for play directly with parents or caregivers, the wooden baby play gym can also help to encourage your child’s desire to explore the world on their own.  Once familiar with the objects around them, they instinctively look to see how they interact with each other and how they feel on their skin or in their mouths.

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Dimensions78 × 50 × 57 cm

Birch Ply, Coloured Timber Panel


Blue, Natural wood