What are we made of?

Caring for our environment and our children should go hand in hand.

We only select the finest materials for our eco-friendly wooden toys from suppliers with the highest standards.
With full FSC sustainability chain of custody on all timber, you can rely on the quality and credentials of our toys.

Our wooden toys for toddlers are built to last a generation, but when they do need to be replaced, you can be confident that all of our products can be fully recycled.

We use local suppliers for all of our materials and components where possible to minimise our carbon footprint.


Eco Coloured Panels made from waste:

Our unique, strong and beautiful coloured panels are made from pine timber waste and branches too small for general timber production that would otherwise be burnt or go to landfill.

Using an environmentally friendly process, there is no waste water and no dangerous fumes are generated during manufacture.  All resins are non-toxic and the dyes used are made from natural organic pigments and are UV stable so will not fade in sunlight.

Round Balance Board UK made Topitots

Sustainable Birch Plywood:

We use the finest grade Birch Plywood from sustainably sourced forests.  Our plywood is free from defects and manufactured to the highest standards and is 100% recyclable.
Birch Ply is renowned for its durability, strength and stability.  It has very few knots and does not splinter or crack making it ideal for wooden toys for toddlers.
Birch, an abundant, fast growing species, is a sustainable timber source which has very little impact on our global environment.

BB Birch Plywood

Sustainable Beechwood Dowel:

We use top quality Beechwood Dowels from sustainably sourced forests.  Our dowels are free from defects and finished to the highest standards and are 100% recyclable.
Beechwood is known for its durability, strength and stability but also had antibacterial and antifungal properties making it ideal for use as hand and footholds on climbing frames.
Beech, an abundant hardwood species, is a sustainable timber source which has very little impact on our global environment.


Eco Friendly Packaging:

Often overlooked, the impact of packaging pollution on our environment is huge.
Careful selection of packaging plays a vital role in guarding against waste and that’s why all of our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is fully sustainable, easy to recycle and compostable.
We use recyclable card packaging which can be recycled effectively.

Eco friendly packaging

Recyclable Fixings:

We aim to eliminate where possible the use of metal fixings, but when we do use them, they are made from fully recyclable stainless steel.
Stainless Steel is emerging as one of the most popular recyclable materials in the UK and is made up from around 60% recycled material which can be reused without any degradation.
Even though stainless steel is built to last, when the time comes, it is 100% recyclable and the constituent elements are both valuable and easy to extract.

Furniture connector bolt